FeldenkraisAustin and BetterSleep websites

I am very excited with the transformational work Martin did with my current web site. He really captured my true essence and the passion I have for my work. He personalized my website in such a creative way, whether with the fonts, the colors or the pictures – it’s all me! Martin is very personable, patient and an excellent teacher for people like me, who have limited web design experience. He simplified the process so I did not feel overwhelmed or lost. I love my newly transformed web site that Martin created and know it will enhance my professional services to those individuals I am guided to work with.

Annie Watts

Spiritual Coach and Spiritual Counselor

Martin Dowman did a great job creating a wonderful website that a non-geek like me can actually update myself.  Custom look, opt-in email list, and people buy my stuff.

Best of all, Martin is a computer guy without being a “Computer Guy”… When I was learning the simple steps to make changes on a page, he “held my hand” over the phone to help me get it right, and created custom instructions to make it easy.

He had ideas of what my site could be, and then WE worked together, creating something I am proud to share.

My site was new from scratch, not a template cookie-cutter that looks like a ton of other pages. He is a professional in how he provides his services, and is genuinely a nice guy. I highly recommend Martin Dowman at Light & Water Media for your website needs.

John Connor


FeldenkraisAustin and BetterSleep websites

I contacted Martin with Light & Water Media to create two websites that were hyperlinked to each other and matched in style.

First, not knowing much about technology, I was fearing not being able to communicate clearly what I wanted with a professional web designer. Martin made that task easy for me. His pertinent questions helped me to quickly zero in on what my true intentions for my websites needed to be. Second, the process of going back and forth between my input and his professional input ended up being a smooth collaboration. Martin was available to respond to my questions and inquiries by e-mail, phone or in person whenever needed.

Martin is a warm, kind, reliable and professional web designer.

Looking back at the whole process, it ended it up being fun, flowing and enlightening. I now have two beautiful and easy-to-use websites. I definitively recommend Martin and Light & Water Media to anyone who is considering getting a website.

Marika Hicks


The Light & Water Media team has supported me in the development of three websites over the past few years. They have the technical knowledge, they are friendly and professional, creative, and the support has been outstanding. The sites both came up lightning fast, getting me on my way to independently grow, add to, branch out and further develop the sites without being held hostage as often is the case with other developers charging for every change.   I highly recommend Light & Water Media.
Clay Boykin

Founder, Men's Fellowship Network and Best #2 Guy

Martin Dowman recreated both of our websites to have a similar feel and support the retreat center as well as the international support.


We highly recommend Martin and Light & Water Media.  The quality, ease and grace that these websites provide to our visitors is delightful.


Robin Goff

Founder and Spiritual Leader

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