website design

Most of this site is dedicated to the Web Design functions of Light & Water Media. As a part of website support we have many additional products that support the expression of our clients and aid in the success they experience. 

graphic design

In providing excellent graphic design service, we provide logo design, letterhead, business cards, branding, email design, presentation slide templates and multi-sized posters and physical productions.

Take a higher path,. We support the highest good for your process and will be with you to support your needs.

video production

One of the best forms of communication to engage your community is through the use of video. It provides the ability to communicate more information in a shorter period of time and is emotionally engaging your client in the feeling you express.

Speak from your authentic voice. You are not supposed to look like everyone else. Be yourself! We will support the look and feel of your unique self.

book publishing

Many of our clients are in the midst of writing a book or have just published one . Whether you already have it published or want support in getting your works published, we have the experience to support your process with ease and grace. 

audio production

Following the publication of a book, many authors are looking to create an audio book. Giving your audience the ability to listen to your book provides another avenue for them to connect with you and your work.

marketing coach

The marketing process is one of the areas that our clients really appreciate. In the process of getting your voice out, we provide marketing coaching to support your intended goals. We have a broad range of clients and so we have a great deal of experience in supporting whatever you may be needing. From social media to print mailing, from email marketing to personal contacts and from search engine optimization to membership tools.